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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - UKAS CertCheck has been launched

Please DO NOT upload Certificates, apply for an account or update records on the Schedule of Suppliers website from the 16 June 2022


TO CHECK CERTIFICATES FOR SUPPLIERS please visit UKAS CertCheck  https://certcheck.ukas.com/:

For further information please visit https://www.ukas.com/resources/latest-news/ukas-launches-certcheck/


As from 16 June 2022, the process for registering on the Schedule of Suppliers has been superseded by UKAS CertCheck.  UKAS CertCheck will replace the requirement for individual companies to upload their own certificates to the Lantra Schedule of Suppliers website.

Please note that the supplier's auditor will be uploading their certification to the UKAS CertCheck on their behalf.  If you experience any issues with missing certification please contact your auditor/certification body.

Lantra will continue to display in-date NHSS certificates on the current Schedule of Suppliers website until 31 August 2022, but no new certificates, registrations or amendments will be accepted by Lantra after 16 June 2022.

Lantra will continue to host the NHSS Sector Scheme Documents only, on the Schedule of Supplier website.


NHSS Sector Scheme Documents information

27 July 2021 NHSS9A

  • NHSS9A will be removed as a requirement no later than 12 months from the date of this notice, as it is not mandated in the UK.  This does not affect the requirement for conformity assessment marking.
  • The following National Highway Sector Schemes Publications have been updated and the current version numbers are shown.

December 2021

  • NHSS12C Issue 3 [9001_2015] December 2021
  • NHSS16 Issue 3 [9001_2015] December 2021

July 2021

NHSS3 SSD Issue 4 [9001_2015] June 2021

NHSS3B SSD Issue 3 [9001_2015] June 2021

NHSS7 SSD Issue 6 [9001_2015] May 2021

NHSS9 SSD  Issue 3 [9001_2015] July 2021

NHSS17/17B SSD Issue 2 [9001_2015] July 2021

December 2020

NHSS 7 SSD Issue 5 [9001_2015] May 2020

NHSS 8 SSD Issue 1 [9001_2015] April 2020

NHSS 13 SSD Issue 4 [9001_2015] October 2020

NHSS 18 SSD Issue 3 [9001_2015] November 2020

NHSS 20 SSD Issue 5 [9001_2015] November 2020

June 2020

NHSS 3 SSD Issue 3 [9001_2015] June 2020

NHSS 3B SSD Issue 2 [9001_2015]  June 2020

NHSS 19A SSD Issue 6 [9001_2015]  June 2020

NHSS 20 SSD Issue 4 [9001 2015]  June 2020

On behalf of the National Highway Sector Scheme Liaison Committee, we manage the Schedule of Suppliers



The schedule provides details of companies that are approved for one or more National Highway Sector Schemes – meaning they are fully trained and competent to work in their specific fields of expertise.